Here are some useful links when you own a Citroën GS or if you want to learn more about them. Do you have a website about the GS? Send me a message and maybe I will add a link.


The Dutch GS/GSA club.
A must for the Dutch GS or GSA owner. Events, a parts warehouse and a lot of technical knowledge
A very extensive German website with a lot of (technical) info
I don’t like Facebook, that’s why I made this website, but this group is very useful and there are mainly friendly people helping each other and posting interesting stuff.

Jean Pierre Laurens excellent parts shop. He arranges the remanufacturing of some unavailable parts as well. On his website there are also some really helpful tutorials on several topics to read.
“Plus de 35 ans d’expérience de la mécanique GS”
Another go-to shop for the Citroen GS owner. Daniel Engelhardt has lot of rare parts for sale, but also refabricates some unavailable parts. Thumbs up for doing this and keeping the GS rolling!
Rob Moss of Chevronics also has a lot of parts for sale and is very prolific in refabricating rare or unavailable parts. Another thumbs for Rob and his crew.

Other Citroen GS owners websites
A website by Mathijs Kemmink