My Citroën GS

This is my Citroen Gspécial from 1974 in the color Blanc Meije (AC088). In the early 2000’s it was imported from France by a couple of Dutch Citroën enthousiasts.

I think this is my car on its temporary import plates, but I am not sure because it seems to have a different interior (picture found on Update: it is confirmed by the previous owner, that this is indeed my car!

Then a guy bought it from them and drove it for a year. Then he sold it to me in 2008. It had done 73730 kilometres by then.

I have have done a lot of stuff on the car to keep it going. Just regular maintenance, some bodywork repair and a minor rust repair. It has driven 140.000 kilometres now (in 2020).

The car was previously owned by an architect from Lyon, France; monsieur Eugène Gachon.

This is a blog about this wonderful car and its rolling restauration/improvement.

For now, some pictures.