Refit and rebuild the rest of the GS engine

After the cilinder heads had been revised I started to replace the other parts of the engine. The cilinder bores were pretty scored and the compression was not meeting the prescribed values.

What to to? I had an NOS set of pistons and cilinders in my stock from the time i owned an Ami Super. Mounting them was a nice idea; i would practically have a new engine (except for the camshafts and crankshaft).

Unfortunately the valve springs in the set were corroded and the bores were also a tiny bit corroded. I sanded away the corrosion in the bores by diagonally scoring them with sandpaper 180 grid. For the rings i ordered a new set in the correct size (same size as a 2CV engine). I ordered them at VGS in Belgium

I fitted the new pistons and cilinders (forgot to take pictures of the procedure, but it included some cursing because of the circlips that keep the piston pins in place) and continued with refitting all other components. For example the famous o-rings on the oil return pipes. These are the fuckers that dry out and cause oil leakage.

Then it was time to fit all other parts on the engine again; cilinder heads, oil cooler and all the cowling sheet metal. It was a bit of a puzzle where to fit which item, because there are a lot of small metal parts that are bolted together to form the air conduct contraption that keeps the engine from overheating. But in the end all fitted together nicely. i also fitted a new NOS clutch and then the engine was ready to go back into the car.