Citroen GS cooling shroud

Dismantling the GS front (with video)

It was time to remove some parts from the front of the car in order to gain access to the engine. It’s not complicated; just remove the headlights and indicator lights, the grille and a lot – a lot! – m7 bolts and off everything goes. I made a small video of some parts of the process.

A small video of some of the dismantling

And then the fan bolt can go as well. This is a weird size: 42mm. And then the cam belts, hydraulic pump are ready for inspection. The cam belts were very loose. The tensioners had lost their springiness or something else happened, but it was not good. I will pay attention to this when I fit the new belts.

I will replace them together with, tension bearings. Also the rubber socket for the oil pump is a little sweaty, so will be replaced and fitted the proper ligarex instead of hose clamps.

The front cooling shroud was a bit rusty so I sandblasted it and put a new coat of paint on it. I used this stuff from Rustoleum as a primer, and painted it satin black (RAL 9005) with the topcoat also from Rustoleum.